The Latest on National Defense


Obama: Afghanistan won’t be ‘source of terrorist attacks again’

Obama Approval Among U.S. Service Members Plummets To 15%

Guantanamo Official Resigns, Former Prisoner Is Now Al-Qaida Leader

US government offering $5M reward for Al Qaeda leader freed from Gitmo

ISIS Birthplace Traced to Iraq Prison

Guy Who Ran for President Promising to Pull Out of Iraq, Now Says It Wasn’t His Decision

Islamic State Muslims Now Systematically Beheading Christian Children

ISIS Buries 500 Yazidis Alive, Orders Others to Convert to Islam or Die

Reagan ‘Peace Shield’ Saves Israeli Lives Today 

Nancy Pelosi: Iraq Is Not Our Responsibility

Meet the Terrorist Leader of ISIS Released Under President Obama Who is Now Rampaging Across Iraq

PENTAGON OFFICIAL: The Top EIGHT White House Lies On Bergdahl

Our Sucker Diplomats Getting Played By Iran’s Con Men

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