Obama’s crimes against the Constitution require impeachment

Whether it be arbitrarily picking and choosing which parts of his disastrous health care take-over to enforce until after the election, refusing to enforce whatever laws he doesn’t like (drug sentencing, immigration, Defense of Marriage Act, etc.), blatantly violating federal law at will, or illegally enforcing legislation already struck down by the Supreme Court (Voting Rights Act), Obama has removed all doubt at this point that he has zero regard for the rule of law.

Our first clue might have been him refusing to prosecute armed Black Panthers for open voter intimidation at the polls on Election Day (and having Eric Holder lie about it under oath). Or him using his EPA to illegally force through the left’s economy-killing “Cap-and-Trade” insanity when he couldn’t get it through Congress (liberals usually have to work around the Constitution and the American people to get what they want).

But even after Obama was caught arming Mexican drug cartels (and having Eric Holder lie about it under oath), targeting political opponents through the IRS, and refusing to defend our embassy in Libya (and publicly lying about it at every turn)…impeachment is still not being taken up as a serious matter by Congress.

Richard Nixon was removed from office for far less.

National bankruptcy, rampant corruption, endless assaults on the Constitution…and not a single national political figure has dared to significantly confront this lawless tyranny. Not when Obama made blatantly illegal recess appointments while the Senate was still in session, not when he illegally seized media phone records, not when he targeted journalists who questioned him, not when he willfully disregarded a direct order from a federal judge to stop obstructing American energy exploration.

Not even when he openly armed, funded and supported Islamic terrorists at war with this country. Obama simply dismisses everything as “phony scandals” (as one administration official after another pleads the 5th, gets removed from office or gets intimidated into silence), and down the memory-hole it all goes.

This is a president who has:

repeatedly silenced whistle-blowers,

-illegally started a war without authorization from Congress (Libya),

-used drones to assassinate American citizens without any due process,

-illegally raised funds through foreigners and federal officials,

suppressed military votes,

distributed farmers’ personal information to green activists for harassment and intimidation

-illegally reversed successful welfare reforms,

-illegally forced through speech-trampling campaign finance rules for everyone but labor unions,

appointed members of a radical terrorist organization to sensitive government posts,

tried to persecute George Zimmerman after he had been exonerated in a court of law,

-illegally tried to invent taxes without Congress,

-had his EPA create phony employees and email accounts to hide his administration’s conduct from the public…

It goes on, and on, and on…and on (especially when you consider that the 10th Amendment makes much of what the Federal Government does illegal in the first place, as I explained here).

Just in the time it took to write this, it has come out that Obama has illegally forced through more widely-rejected gun control measures, violated his oath to further refuse enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act, and is being enthusiastically encouraged by the same news media that condemned President Bush (for violating no laws whatsoever by going into Iraq) to launch a blatantly illegal war in Syria.

It is simply inexcusable at this point for Republicans to continue shaking their heads and shrugging helplessly on the side-lines while un-checked treason and tyranny hijack the republic and destroy everything the Founding Fathers put in place. Something must be done to stop this lawless insanity now. If your principles dictate liberty, then a fundamental constitutional confrontation is required at this point. It has come to that.

Side Note: Predictably, the Soros-funded propaganda machine that our post-journalism “news media” like to rely on as a crutch for all their Democrat-approved talking points, Media Matters, has already rushed in to inoculate the left against any mention of these crimes, smearing and dismissing anyone who notices them as part of some kind of vast right-wing conspiracy.


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