The Latest on Health Care

July 2013

10 Ways ObamaCare Is Not Working As It’s Supposed  To

Fact Check: Obama exaggerates impact of health insurance rebates

Obama Uses Corrupt Ploy To Boost Health  Exchanges

Krauthammer on Obamacare: ‘Entire enterprise was a gigantic bait and switch’

Cost of ObamaCare subsidies has increased dramatically, critics say

Fact check rips Pelosi claim that ObamaCare mandate ‘not delayed’

ObamaCare Delays Show Law Is Unworkable

Obamacare called ‘The fiasco for the ages’

16,500 Working Fewer Hours Due To ObamaCare   Mandate

So Which Part of Obamacare Works, Then?

The Massive Costs of the Latest Obamacare Waiver

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