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July 2013

Ratings: CNN Collapses; Primetime Loses to MSNBC

Matthews Apologizes On Behalf Of All White People

Politico: McCain ‘Sane’ for Not Being Conservative

Media blackout: Illegal alien dragged paralyzed woman from wheelchair, raped her

Legal Experts: Zimmerman Suit Could Cost NBC ‘Millions’

Larry Elder Goes Off on Piers Morgan During Explosive Race Debate: ‘You’re Making Black People Feel as if They Are Under Siege…It’s an Outrage!’

Immigration: The Media’s ‘White District’ Lie

George Zimmerman’s trial by media mob

Media Fail: Only 24% Believe Zimmerman Motivated By Race

Media Sugarcoats Olbermann’s Hard-Left Politics, Misogyny

Michael Eric Dyson: U.S. Legal System Rigged to Protect White Privilege

Sullivan: Zimmerman Verdict Risks ‘Return to the Era of Lynching’

Salon Writer: ‘Our Real Problem Is White Rage’

The Nation Blames ‘White Supremacy’ For Zimmerman Acquittal

NY Daily News’ Cover Links Trayvon with Civil Rights Martyrs

CNN Legal Analysts Don’t Hide Anti-Zimmerman Bias

Zimmerman Verdict Ratings: Fox News #1, MSNBC Humiliated

FOIAed again: ‘Gun map’ newspaper seeks more info on firearms owners

New York Times Publishes Non-Partisan Abortion Article

Morning Joe Won’t Let Go of Zimmerman Racism Claims

Nancy Grace Still Falsely Claiming Zimmerman Said ‘F**king Coon’

CNN Fans the Flames of Zimmerman Verdict

Brian Williams Incorrectly Claims George Zimmerman Jury Is All White

Dyson: ‘Zimmermans of the World’ Get Away with ‘Killing of our Children’

FOIAed again: ‘Gun map’ newspaper seeks more info on firearms owners

Politifact Deserves ‘Pants on Fire’ on Religious Liberty and Gay Marriage

Piers Morgan Laments King George III Couldn’t Prevail in Revolutionary War

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