The Latest on Illegal Immigration

June 2013

New poll: Voters strongly oppose amnesty deal

Arizona sues colleges that gave in-state tuition to illegals

House Immigration Bill Drafter: I Don’t Know What Everything Means in My Bill

68 Senators Vote to Create Incentive for Employers to Hire Amnestied Immigrants Over U.S. Citizens

CBO Calculation Error Explodes Immigration Surplus Claim

Senate Bill Incentivizes Employers To Fire Americans and Hire Amnestied Immigrants

CBO Report Shows Us Worse Off After Immigration Reform (VIDEO)

The CBO’s Immigration Study And Its False  Surplus

Congress Not Bound to Fund Future Border Security Promises

Bob Woodward on Immigration Reform: ‘Absurd’ if Congress Passes Unread Bill

Repackaged Amnesty Bill Allows Napolitano to Nix Border Fence

Cruz: ‘The Gang of 8 Bill Is A Disaster’ (Video)

CBO: Immigration Bill Would Drive Down American Workers’ Wages

Sen. Durbin Praises Illegal Immigrant Going To Work For IBM

Why amnesty is not compassionate

Boxer: Redirect Border Funds for Immigrant Health Care

‘Conservatives’ Backing Senate Immigration Reform Bill Launch Smear Campaign

Sen. Landrieu Says S. Dakota Borders Canada While Calling Border Fence ‘Dumb’

Bachmann confronts Boehner

If the GOP is this stupid, it deserves to die

Fact: Illegal aliens are stealing welfare benefits from U.S. taxpayers

VIDEO: Senator Vitter’s 6 Reasons to Oppose Comprehensive Immigration Legislation

Israel Builds Sinai Border Fence; Illegal Crossings Drop 99.9%

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