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June 2013

Roseanne Barr Says ‘Arm All Teens,’ Wishes Trayvon Martin Shot George Zimmerman First

‘Star Trek’ Actor/Activist Removes ‘Under God’ from Pledge

Bill Maher: Scalia, Trump & Palin Are All Worse Racists Than Paula Deen

‘Modern Family’ Mulling Wedding Storyline for Show’s Gay Couple

FX’s Kamau Bell Calls George Zimmerman a ‘Racist, Right Wing, Trigger-Happy, Child Killing Coward’

Eco-Minded ‘Captain Planet’ Coming to the Big Screen from Sony

If Paula Deen Is Out, Please Explain Maher

Hollywood Gets Special Breaks in Senate Immigration Bill

Disney Series to Include ‘Two Moms’ in 2014 Episode

Government Looks to NFL to Help Promote ObamaCare

Streisand Lectures Israelis on Women’s Rights

Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg Defend Bill Maher Over Slamming Sarah Palin’s Special Needs Son

Chris Rock: ‘Zimmerman Can Eat A D*ck’

Harry Belafonte: Obama should work like third world dictator and jail GOP

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