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May 2013

MSNBC’s Ratings Continue To Crater, Now Dead Last Among Cable News Channels, Rachel Maddow’s Ratings At Lowest Point Since Show’s Debut

Flashback: CBS Barred Benghazi Reporter Attkisson from Receiving CPAC Award

Progressive Newspaper Village Voice Circling the Drain

Twisted MSNBC host denigrates America on Memorial Day weekend

Taranto: ‘Obama Presidency Has Given Liberal Media Bias a New and Dangerous  Form’

NPR’s On the Media Show Mocks Glenn Beck and TheBlaze

Obama scandals killing his minion media

NYTimes Puts Brutal Islamist Beheading Story on A7, Omits ‘Swear by the Almighty  Allah’ Line Uttered by Attacker

IRS Scandal: Washington Post Factchecker Busts Washington Post

Responding to the Washington Post on Benghazi

Donna Brazile, George W. Bush, and the truth about Hurricane Katrina

NBC News Reporter: AP Scandal Angers One Of Obama’s ‘Most Important Constituencies – The Press’

Lowry: When It’s Their Rights, Media Become Tea Party, NRA

NBC News Hosts: White Supremacy Motivates Obama’s Critics

FLASHBACK:  NY Times defended IRS targeting tea party groups in 2012

NYT  calls murdered babies ‘fetuses’ in article about Gosnell conviction

MSNBC Politicizes Ohio Kidnapping To Fit ‘Women’s Health’ Agenda

MSNBC Anchor’s ‘Easy’ Solution to Ending Poverty: ‘Giving People Money’

NBC spiked story identifying Benghazi whistleblower as Democrat, Obama voter

CBS Anchor: ‘We Are Getting Big Stories Wrong, Over and Over Again’

Too Little, Too Late: Press Plays Catchup on Benghazi Scandal

Painfully Awkward: CNN’s Kurtz Grilled on Factual Mistakes

NYT Tries to Help Obama Walk Back ‘Red Line’

Media Helping Obama Reinflate Housing Bubble

MSNBC Forced to Apologize After Egregiously Taking Quotes Out of Context for Gun Control Segment

NH Media Expose National Media’s Dishonest Attacks Against Kelly Ayotte

Washington Post Push-Polling to Benefit Terry McAuliffe

Washington Post Earnings Fall 85%, Circulation Drops 7.2%

Number Six: NBC News Again Caught Selectively Editing Video

Bozell: Why Don’t Reporters Protest Warren Buffett Owning Newspapers?

Shots fired in Houston airport suicide; media link NRA convention

CBS News’ Attkisson: ‘Sometimes I Feel Alone’ Pursuing Benghazi Story

‘B.S. of A.’ Explores the Hilarious Way a Story Might Get Approved at CNN

The Scathing Speech That Takes the Media to Task for Blackout of Gruesome Abortion Trial

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