The Latest on Illegal Immigration

May 2013

After Kicking Out Illegal Aliens Alabama Is Putting American Citizens Back To Work

When Did We Vote to Become Mexico?

Rubio Can’t Defend His Own Immigration Bill

Illegal alien caught attempting to rape 16-year-old girl in Florida

Senate panel OKs tax-welfare benefits for newly legal immigrants

Legalizing  Millions Of Unskilled Immigrants Is No Recipe For Growth

Immigration by the Numbers — Off the Charts

Hundreds of criminal illegal immigrants released

Ariz. driver’s license policy will move forward

Illegal alien charged with raping teenager in Tennessee

ICE Agent Suing Obama: ‘Mr. President, You’ve Overstepped Your Boundaries’

Heritage: Amnestied Illegals Will Get $9.4T in Benefits; Increase Debt $6.3T’

Bill Richardson: Sen. Ted Cruz not Hispanic for opposing amnesty

Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration bill still ruining America to this day

Bill allows for $150M in grants to sign up illegal immigrants to become citizens

Silicon Valley Pouring Millions into Immigration Battle

New immigration bill has more waivers and exceptions per page than Obamacare

Immigration  polls slide after bombing, border enforcement concerns

Gang of Eight’s plan would give illegal immigrants tax amnesty, too

Immigration bill guts E-Verify for years

Immigration bill to bring in at least 33 million people, says group

Immigrant drivers-license bill moves forward in Colorado legislature

Krauthammer on border security: Ask Obama why he’s got a fence around the White  House

Come And Get It: USDA Pushes Food Stamps To  Illegals

USDA Flyer: We Don’t Check Immigration Status for Food Stamps

Illegal Border Crossings More than Double Since Amnesty Talks Started

Sessions: Immigration Bill Gives Amnestied Residents ‘Immediate’ Access to Welfare

Reuters poll: Majority in U.S. say illegal immigrants should be deported

USDA partners with Mexico to boost food stamp rolls

USDA/Mexican consulates to immigrants: Don’t worry, food stamps won’t affect citizenship chances

DHS lets immigrants flood welfare rolls

Exclusive: Illegal Immigrant to Testify in Senate Next Week–With ICE Agent Who Cannot Arrest Him

Pathway to citizenship could increase Obamacare cost up to $300 billion over a  decade

Illinois sheriff compares U.S. immigration law to Nazi Germany

Senate  Dems block effort to end USDA/Mexico food stamp partnership

Expert:  Bipartisan immigration reform plan will cost trillions

Report: Medicare Paid Out $91.6 Million To Claims Made By Illegal Immigrants

Nonprofit to give $100G to students in US illegally

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