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May 2013

Scientist Corrects Gullible Reporter: ‘Climate Change’ Not Causing More  Tornadoes

Barbara Boxer blames global warming for Oklahoma tornado, calls for carbon tax

Global warming? Not so fast

E-Verify’s  biometric database: A huge step toward a permission-slip society

Will we ‘bee’ smart about pesticide regulation?

Fact-checkers rip Obama group’s claim on climate change ‘hoax’ vote

Scientists warn of rising CO2 concentrations, despite stabilizing global  temperatures

EPA study cites report from admitted data fakers

Climate scientists come to terms with the lack of global warming

Colorado orders bankrupt solar-panel maker to dispose of hazardous waste

EPA  Increases Mandates For Fuels That Don’t Exist

Antarctic Ice: Is It Going To Take Over The  Planet?

Global Warming Causes Less Snow, Except When It Causes More Snow

New  Green Rules In California Take Safe Chemicals Out Of Use

Study claims gov’t underestimated the benefits of opening federal lands to  drilling

An  inconvenient truth: More polar bears alive today than 40 years ago

‘Father of the Prius’ Declares Electric Cars ‘Not Viable’

Obama’s EPA Bans D-Con

U.N. Report Says Global Warming Predictions Overstated Problem

Web of environmental rules threatens Gulf Coast businesses with jail, steep  fines

Judge rules EPA can’t mandate use of nonexistent biofuels

Nebraska OKs Pipeline; Now It’s Climate Myth Vs.  Jobs

EPA-proposed air pollution clean-up to cost Navajo nation coal plant $500  million

Obama Administration Stacks Deck on Global Warming

Global Warming Alarmists Pick and Choose Data to Support Theory

America’s  Hottest Year On Record And A Cooler Future

EPA Finds a New Pollutant: Water

EPA Gives Green Light for California’s Costly Car Program

Obama’s Green Ethanol Bureaucrats Starve The Poor

Nebraska Environmental Report Finds Keystone XL Safe

Anti-Keystone XL pipeline activists storm TransCanada headquarters

Obama’s ‘Cash For Clunkers’ Unleashed ‘Environmental Nightmare’

Fiscal deal includes estimated $12.1 billion in tax credits for wind energy  industry

Report: Wind generation costs twice as much as government estimates

Obama’s Cap-and-Trade Scheme for Cars

New documentary aims to correct ‘lies,’ ‘misinformation’ spread by anti-fracking  groups

Obama Shuts Down Coal Plant

Soot, Soot Riot: EPA’s New Rule Costly and Unnecessary

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