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May 2013

Student Receives Standing Ovation for Defying Attempts to Stop Graduation Prayer

Young people at Colorado college sign card thanking IRS for targeting Tea Party

Teacher Punished for Telling Students About Constitutional Rights

6-Year-Old Given Detention, Forced to Apologize After Bringing This Seriously Tiny Plastic Gun on School Bus

Obama  should end up on Mount Rushmore say a third of George Washington profs surveyed

Undoing the Brainwashing

In a Bold Move, Texas Announces Plans to Eliminate CSCOPE Curriculum Program from Its Schools

Top 100 Universities Go With Liberal Graduation Speakers

Hiring Better Teachers May Be Racist, Say Bad Teachers

After scandal, U. of I.’s former chancellor isn’t teaching but still makes $212,000

Two Houston Schools Cancel Gun Safety Due to NRA Affiliation

CA University Hires Diversity Staff to Prevent Non-White ‘Culture Shock’

NYC Public School Mandates Arabic Language Studies for All 2nd Through 5th Graders

Prominent Black Pastor Disinvited From Speaking at College Over ‘Untimely’ Criticisms of Obama

NYU professor argues against nuclear family, monogamy, anti-polygamy laws

School claims right to censor pro-life 6th-grader

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