The Latest on Al Sharpton and the NAACP

March-July 2013

Hannity Hammers NAACP: Name One Person Killed In Chicago During Zimmerman Trial

Sharpton Calls for National Justice for Trayvon Day

Media’s High-Tech Lynching Of George Zimmerman

Obama’s top 10 most racist policies against white people

More Black Democrats May Be Ready to Switch Parties

Al Sharpton: ‘No Evidence at All’ Connecting Eric Holder to Scandals

Trayvon Martin’s Final Hour

Al Sharpton calls for FCC to restrict Rush Limbaugh’s speech

White Family (Including 14-Year-Old Daughter) Reportedly Attacked for Being in the ‘Wrong Neighborhood’ of Baton Rouge

On This Day in 1964, Democrats Filibustered the Civil Rights Act

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