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March 2013

What to Cut: Excess Federal Property Costing Taxpayers Billions

Senate  Dems approve $1 trillion in new taxes

Senate Votes Overwhelmingly To Repeal Key ObamaCare Tax

Progressive  Democrat Control Came Via Welfare State Voters

Food  Stamp Nation: R.I. Town Shows Leftism’s Dead End

Economists: Obama Exaggerated Sequester Job Losses

Senate Democratic Budget Increases Debt $50,000 per Household

Minimum  wage responsible for black unemployment, Sowell says [VIDEO]

Employers, Unions Outraged by $63-Per-Worker Obamacare Fee

An  Order From Obama Puts Another Boot On The Economy

CBO: Most energy tax subsidies go toward green energy, energy efficiency

Obama Administration Backs Down on Waiving Welfare Requirements

Senate Dem Budget Hikes Spending 62%

Feds offering high-paid internships despite sequester

U.S. Budget Deficit Jumps By $204 Billion In February

Americans  favor Tea Party principles over progressive ideas by 2-to-1 margin

The EPA: An Impediment to Economic Recovery

Poll: Majority support overall spending cuts but oppose reductions in military  spending

Multibillion-dollar Obamacare ‘tax’ moving forward

Sen. Harkin: Raising minimum wage to $10.10 will make economy ‘stronger’ [VIDEO]

Broke U.S. Government Eying Your Retirement Savings

Personal Income Drop Is Bottom-Up Economics Failure

Bankruptcy Filings Allege Abound Solar Aware of Defective Panels

House Takes Steps to Make Welfare Work Again

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