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February 2013

Obama Uses Pending Sequester Cuts As Excuse To Release “Waves” Of Illegal Immigrants From Detention Centers

Liberal astroturf group offering $9 to $11 per hour to join its gun-control  campaign

Biden: No Ordinary American Cares About Their Constitutional Rights, Facebook Questions are Plants

Obama was for sequester before he was against it

Obama Resorts to Local TV Interviews to Blame Sequester on GOP

Pelosi: Congressional Pay Cut Undermines Our ‘Dignity’

Pelosi: Pass Buffett rule, raise taxes on people making over $2 million per year [VIDEO]

Pelosi:  No pay cuts for federal employees [VIDEO]

Obama USDA Radio Ad Urging Women, Hispanics To Claim Their $1.33 billion in ‘Discrimination’ Payouts

Obama Can’t Outrun Culture of Crisis He Helped Create

Biden: ‘Legitimate News Media’ Will Help in Push for Gun Control

DNC caught trying to deceive reporters about identity of Rubio critic

LEVIN: If Pelosi Were Working In Private Sector She Would Be Serving Time In The  Federal Pen

Obama demands more of the same failed policies of the past

Obama’s refusal to deport illegal aliens unconstitutional, say law professors

Hagel Went to Five Colleges, Was ‘D’ Student; Media Oblivious

Dem Senator Admits: ‘Sequestration Was Designed’ As Budget ‘Threat,’ Not ‘Strategy’

The growing case for impeachment of Obama

Colorado Democrats Declare War on Guns

AP: Hey, This Obama Guy’s Issuing A Ridiculous Amount Of Executive Orders

CA Dems Push 10 New Gun Laws

Eric Holder: Obama Decides Who’s ‘Entitled’ to Second Amendment Rights

Top Democrat Warns Others Not to Use Term “Illegal Immigrants”, Calls Them “Citizens”

Colorado Democrats want gun manufacturers held liable for crimes committed with  their guns

Obama Blows Legally-Required Budget Deadline—Again

Own a gun? Time to buy violence liability insurance, California Democrats say

Back to Democrats in the House

Back to Democrats in the Senate

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