The Latest on The News Media

February 2013

CNN Does Special On Trayvon Martin’s Parents, Asks About Gun Control

ABC Memory-Holes FLOTUS Gun Gaffe

Arkansas Editor Posts List Of Concealed Carry Permit Holders

HuffPo Hit Job: Selective Edit Makes Pro-Fox News Guest Look Bigoted

Media Aid Obama on Sequestration; Huffington Post Seeks Sob Stories

Puppet Press Finally Realizing It’s Being Abused By  Obama

Woodward: White House (and Media) Lying About Sequester

Juan Williams: Left Media ‘Will Shut You Down, Stab You, Kill You, Fire You’ For Disagreeing

Dictatorship of Hypocrites: The Media’s Crusade Against Cruz

CNN  regular and political strategist: Chicago gun violence the fault of the GOP  [VIDEO]

Local Anchor Asks Obama Hard-Hitting Questions on Surfing, Sushi

Allen West: Dr. Benjamin Carson Violated Unwritten Rule of Being a Black Male  and Criticizing Obama

‘WaPo’ Woes: Advertising Plummets 12%, Circulation Down 8.6%

WaPo Falsely Skewers Welfare Chart

Washington Post: Rise in Gas Prices Has ‘Absolutely Nothing to Do With Obama’

Politico’s Koch Brothers Obsession Marches On

Daily News Reporter Admits: Breitbart ‘Friends of Hamas’ Story ‘Accurate’

Muslim Beheads Christians In NJ, Mainstream Media Silent

Media Protect Obama By Ignoring Gasoline Price  Rise

Report: Soledad O’Brien Out at CNN

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien: Obama Leaking Immigration Plan ‘Leadership’

False Media Narrative: Hagel Filibuster ‘Unprecedented’

MSNBC Host Calls on Obama to Create Executive Climate Change ‘Regime’

CNN Asks If Dorner Fans ‘Have a Point’

Al Jazeera Sends Lobbyists to Capitol Hill

Cokie Roberts: GOP ‘Is the Party Of White Guys’

CNN Uses Resignation News to Trash Pope, Catholic Church

Obama Would “Be Impeached By Now For Drones, If He Was George W. Bush”

AP: Hey, This Obama Guy’s Issuing A Ridiculous Amount Of Executive Orders

MSM Pimps For Obama Gun Control; Pro-Gun Control Stories Outweigh Stories Respecting Second Amendment Rights, 8-1

CNN’s ‘Dangerous, Dim-Witted, Deluded Menace to American Safety’

Facebook Apologizes for Threatening to Shut Down Conservative Fan Page Over Post Critical of Obama Admin.

Is Facebook actively censoring conservative bloggers?

Facebook Temporarily Suspends Tea Party Mom

Facebook Refuses to Shut Down Vile Anti-Palin Page

Media Follows Obama’s Orders to Mock Skeet-Gate Skeptics

Counting the Ways the Media Lies About the Economy

Allen West “Our economy is shrinking and yet we’re still being fed a story that things are getting better”

ABC, CBS and NBC All Refuse to Identify Indicted Nagin as Democrat

The Latest on The News Media

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