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February 2013

Jim Carrey Rips Church, Says It Denies ‘Human Sexuality’

Dustin Hoffmann to Piers Morgan: ‘God Bless You For What You’re Saying About Gun Control’

Cher Calls GOP Star Ted Cruz a ‘Bigot,’ ‘Creature from the Nether Regions’

Can Superman Triumph Over Modern Thought Police?

‘NCIS: LA’ Paints Tea Party-style Patriots as Terrorists

Have You Heard the WWE’s Wildly Racist ‘Tea Party’ Wrestling Character Named Jack Swagger?

Jon Stewart Grills Susan Rice on Benghazi After Slamming John McCain for Doing Same

Jim Carrey: U.S. Gun Violence Is ‘Karma Played Out’

Stephen Colbert Cozies Up to Democrats on Hill

New Film Calls Climate Change Skeptics ‘Greedy Lying Bastards’

Director Plans TV Movie Tied to Newtown Shooting

Newtown Chldren to be Featured on Grammy Preshow

Chris Rock, Tony Bennett to Push Obama’s Gun Control Measures on Hill

Robert Redford Begs Obama to Reject ‘Dirty’ Keystone Pipeline Oil

Hollywood Lib Jim Carrey: Lives Of Gun Owners Aren’t “Worth Protecting”

Sylvester Stallone Trips Over ‘Assault Weapon’ Media Misinformation

Nancy Pelosi Meets with Barbra Streisand, Plots Dem House Comeback

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