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February 2013

For-Profit Businesses Have Right to Religious Liberty Too, Lawmakers Tell Court in Hobby Lobby Case

Report: Orwellian USDA ‘Cultural Sensitivity Training’ Videos

Confidential,  expensive USDA sensitivity training: ‘The Pilgrims were illegal aliens’  [VIDEOS]

Vandal says pro-life display violated students’ rights

Depictions of 9/11 Now an Islamophobic Hate Crime in New Jersey

Obama Should Admit That Dan Quayle Had It Right

Allen West “We must not be afraid to call out radical Islamism”

The Jihad On Free Speech

MyJihad: Chicago Muslim Outreach Campaign Spreads Across Country

Obama Calls on Boy Scouts to Welcome Homosexuals

Oregon Baker Faces State Investigation After Refusing to Make Same-Sex Couple’s Wedding Cake

Soda, candy out under USDA’s proposed school snack rules

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