January 2013

WSJ: Wall Street a ‘Get-Rich-Turnstile for Democratic Political Operatives’

VA Judges Block Voter ID Advocate from Electoral Board

Secret Fed Bailout Let Bank of America Off the Hook for Billions

The Voter Fraud That ‘Never Happens’ Keeps Coming Back

Dem Ohio Poll Watcher: I Voted For Obama Twice

Report  suggests Solyndra-like problems in federal nuclear power loan guarantee

Greenfellas:  The Italian Mafia Muscles In On Green Energy Racket

Super Pork: Senate Clears Sandy Aid With HUD Slush Fund

Investigator Who Cleared Obama In Solyndra Scandal A Top Donor

Global Warming: One NASA Scientist Vs. More Than  20

Taxpayers Sink Deeper in Solyndra Saga: Part One

Jack Lew Bagged $950,000 Bonus After Citigroup Bailout

Caddell: ‘This Country Is On The Verge Of An Explosion’

Welfare recipients take out cash at strip clubs,  liquor stores

6 Things You Won’t Believe That Are In The Fiscal Cliff Bill

Tesla CEO Buys $17 Million Mansion; Got $465 Million Govt. Loan

80% Of Trillion Dollar ‘Farm Bill’ Spent On Food Stamps, Not Farmers

Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians for 2012 List by Judicial Watch

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