The Latest on Labor Unions

January 2013

NJ teachers union wants more gun-free zones

After Bankrupting Hostess, Union Workers Rake In The  Federal Dough

Chicago Union Head: Let Us Carry Guns, Get Paid Like Cops

Philadelphia Union Boss Boasts About Union Violence

Union Leaders’ Epiphany Leaves Them Scrambling: Wait, Obamacare Is Going to Drive up Our Costs?

Time for More Accountability for Unions—and the Department of Labor

Obama’s payback to labor thwarted by DC court

Private Sector Union Numbers Plummet

Union Will Use ‘Any Legal Means’ To Combat Members Who Want To Leave

Unions Lose Court Battle to Roll Back Gov. Walker’s Collective Bargaining Reforms

Democrats Vote to Exclude Non-Union Construction Workers for Hurricane Sandy  Work

Maryland Democrat to Introduce Bill Forcing Non-Members of Teachers Union to Pay Dues

Crowd Laughs as Chicago Teachers Union President Talks About Killing the Rich

Unions look for benefits from Obama re-election

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