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January 2013

Gun-friendly  states attempting to lure Remington from New York

NRA  president says anti-gun advocates threatened to kill son, daughter [VIDEO]

Green Berets Sign Letter Supporting 2nd Amendment

San Diego Police Chief: We Can Disarm Americans Within a Generation

Gun Control Facts: Homicides and Violent Crime Have Dropped 50% Over the Last 20 Years

Chicago Woman Loses Her 4th Child to Gun Violence: ‘I Have Nobody Right Now’

List of Sheriffs Standing Up Against Obama’s Gun Control (Updated)

SUPREME COURT RULING: Police Have No Duty To Protect The General Public

Tiananmen square activist turned American citizen demonstrates for the second amendment

Government Officials Can Still Own Assault Weapons Under Feinstein Bill

Wisconsin sheriff urges residents to arm themselves

At least 5 people killed in shootings during bloody Chicago day

Man Shoots Pit Bull, Saves Boy, May Face Gun Charges in D.C.

[Video] Great Grandmother Shoots Would be Robber on Bus With 9mm Handgun

No Shots Fired: Home Intruders Decide Not to Stick Around After Seeing Their ‘Victim’ Holding an AR-15

Australian Winery Seeks to Pull Its Wine From the NRA Wine Club (Yes, They Have One of Those)

‘I Need You in the Game’: Wis. Sheriff Tells Residents to Learn How to Use a Gun to Defend Themselves

Assault Weapons Ban an Appeal to the Ignorant

Wis. sheriff urges citizens to get gun training

Poll: 2/3 of Americans Would Defy Federal Gun Ban

It’s a right to shoot tyrants

Facing boycotts over ban of AR-15 rifle, America’s largest gun show cancels 2013  event

NRA Issues ‘Major Response’ to Obama’s Inaugural Address: No Gov’t Can Ever Take Away Our ‘God-Given Freedoms’

Veteran’s Epic Defense Of The Second Amendment At Chicago Anti-Gun Forum

More County Sheriffs Vow Not To Enforce Obama Illegal Gun Control Rules!

El Dorado County Sheriff: I will not be pressured to enforce unconstitutional laws

Gun Violence Is In Democratic Strongholds, In “Obamerica”

Rasmussen Reports: 65% See Gun Rights As Protection Against Tyranny

Fox News poll: Twice as many favor more guns over banning guns to reduce crime

The 5 Worst/Recent Mass Murders in the USA (with a Firearm) Came from Democrats

Obama Executive Order Quietly Removes 1995 Ban On Using Federal Funds To Advocate For Gun Control

MILLER: Tax dollars for gun control

POLL: NRA More Popular Than Obama

Top ten gun facts Democrats don’t want you to know

More Guns = More Murders? A Myth. More Guns = Fewer Murders

Sources: Rand Paul to push legislation nullifying Obama’s executive actions on  guns

Three Home Invasions Stopped Because of Guns

‘Obama has dramatically overshot’

DHS to ‘Expand and Formalize Coordination’ on Gun Control Efforts

Nation’s Biggest Arms Store Calls For Gun Owners To Revolt

FreedomWatch Sues to Block Obama’s Gun Control Initiative

NRA: 250,000 New Members In Month Since Newtown Shooting

Right Of Armed Self-defense Against Tyranny NOT Negotiable, Mr. Obama

Utterly Shameless: Obama Admin Releases Letters From Little Kids Pleading For Gun Control

NRA Plans Epic Battle Against Attacks On 2nd Amendment

County Sheriff Project


Texas to Join Wyoming: Felony Charges for Enforcing New Gun Control

Texas congressman threatens impeachment if Obama moves on guns

NRA President: No Way an Assault Weapons Ban Will Pass…Unless Obama Uses ‘All the Power of His Office’

Let’s Set The Record Straight: 5 Common Misconceptions About Guns & Mass Shootings

Hundreds Rush To CT Gun Store To Buy Semi-Automatic Rifles

Anti-gun crowd can’t even get the basics right

Defiance grows as elected officials refuse to enforce new gun control

Oklahoma Woman Stops Robbers with Gun

Obama’s Panicked Gun Control Won’t Solve Gun  Violence

CEO Who Threatened to ‘Start Killing People’ Over Gun Control Has Handgun Permit Suspended

S.E. Cupp Goes Off on Eric Holder for Wanting to Shame Gun Owners: ‘It Makes My Blood Boil’

‘Gun Appreciation Day’ Leader To CNN: If Blacks Had Guns, ‘Perhaps Slavery Might Not Have Been A Chapter In Our History’

England’s Crime Rate Nearly Four Times Higher than United States

Ben Shapiro: Bullying Left ‘Standing On The Dead Bodies At Sandy Hook’ To Push Gun Control

15-Year Old Boy Uses AR-15 to Defend Himself, Sister Against Home Invaders

Wyoming Threatens Arrests for Federal Gun Grabbers

Democrat on Semi-Automatics: ‘I Think We Need to Start Taking Them’

Teachers In Ohio, Texas Flock To Free Gun Training Classes

NRA Releases List of Celebrities, Organizations that Support Gun Control

Here’s the Chart That Supporters of a Federal Assault Weapons Ban Won’t Want to See

Florida firearm violence hits record low; concealed gun permits up

The Great Equalizer: Women and the Right to Bear Arms

Alex Jones to Piers Morgan: 1776 Will Commence Again’ If Guns Taken Away

Top Gun Grabbers In The House Of Representatives Exposed

Americans Are Voting With Their Wallets On Guns

Leftists Initiate Boycotts Against NRA-Discounting Hotels

Gun owners, critics face off over recent firearms shows in wake of deadly  shootings

Ted Cruz Comes Out Guns Blazing on ‘Unconstitutional’ Gun Control Proposals

Dem Senator Heidi Heitkamp Rips Obama’s Reported Gun Control Proposals As “Extreme”

Buchanan: “There Would Be A Revolution” If Government Confiscated Weapons

Gun Owners Like Me Are Not The Problem And Taking Our Guns Away Won’t Reduce Gun Crime

Gun shows face restrictions after Newtown shooting, as planners seek ‘fair’  treatment

Mark Levin: The reason the 2nd amendment exists is to arm the population to overthrow a tyrannical government

Mother Hiding in Crawlspace With 2 Kids Shoots Intruder 5 Times

Insanity: Connecticut Democrat Wants To Publish Names And Addresses of All Gun Owners In The State

Publish Gun Owners’ Info? Ann Coulter: Release The Records of Women Who Have Had Abortions, Too

The 2nd Amendment: ‘Necessary to the Security of a Free State’

Ex-Burglars Say Newspaper’s Gun Map Would’ve Made the Job Easier, Safer

25 years murder-free  in ‘Gun Town USA’

Hannity Guest Literally Covers His Ears In Protest Of Hannity’s Questioning

500 Murders In Chicago Show Gun Bans Don’t Work

Sheriffs called out to fight the law

[Video] Arizona Newscaster NAILS Second Amendment – Get This Man to Washington

Russian News Outlet Pravda Prints Surprising Opinion Column Warning USA: ‘Never Give Up Your Guns’

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