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December 2012

Obama makes passing gun control measures a priority for 2013

Sen Feinstein: ‘America Has To Bite The Bullet’ On Gun Control

Obama Orders Pay Raise for Biden, Members of Congress, Federal Workers

FLASHBACK: Kerry Voted Against Gulf War, Proposed Multilateral ‘New World Order’

Dem Rep Keith Ellison: GOP ‘Big Donors’ Think Poor Have ‘Too Much’ Money

Harry Reid botches attacks on Grover Norquist

Exclusive: McConnell Calls Out Obama’s Negotiation Charade

Obama Promised Not to Raise Taxes on Middle Class; He Lied

The Jigg Is Up! Democrats in NY, MASS, NJ and MD Charged with Voter Fraud

With Election Over, Americans Find They Were Duped By  Democrats And Obama

Bully: Obama Threatened to Blame Fiscal Cliff on GOP in State of the Union Address

Gun Control Advocates’ Loudest Voices Are Most Heavily Protected

Education Sec Tears Up Over Gun Control: ‘It’s Time We Do Something About It’

The Disqualified Rice Is Preferable To Kerry At  State

Obama, Feinstein Push Laws That End Gun Shows, Not Public Shootings

Congressman: Rick Perry Has ‘Blood On His Hands’ For Supporting Second Amendment

Biden 2008: If Obama ‘Tries To Fool With My Beretta, He’s Got A Problem’

Flashback: Sen. Dianne Feinstein Has Conceal Carry Permit

Disgraceful: Obama Invokes Newtown Massacre to Pressure Republicans to Go Along with His Tax Hikes

Biden in 2008: ‘Barack Obama ain’t takin’ my shotguns!’

Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Demands Law-Abiding Americans Disarm, “Turn In Your Guns”

CA Treasurer to Propose State Pensions Divest Holdings in Gun Manufacturers

Houston Dem Precinct Chair: Stop Gun Violence by Shooting NRA Members

Feinstein: We Will Have Assault Weapons Ban In Next Congress

Dem Rep:  NRA ‘Enablers of Mass Murder’

Howard Dean: GOP Wants to Beat Up on Gays, Immigrants, Women

Head of Obama’s Jobs Council: ‘State-Run Communism’ Actually ‘Works’

Obama: I’ll ‘Do Whatever It Takes’ to Fix Fiscal Cliff … Except Negotiate

Durbin: We’re Not Really Serious About Cutting Spending

Rep. Hank Johnson: Amend Constitution To Restrict Freedom Of Speech

Ethics-plagued wife of TARP beneficiary slated to be top Democrat on Financial  Services Committee

Harry Reid vs Harry Reid On Filibuster

Tax-Hikers On Left Want To Dodge Taxes They Force On Others

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