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December 2012

Liberal Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock Targets Attendees at Virginia Gun Show

‘Anchorman’ Director: Conservatives Crave ‘Solid Diamond Toilets’

CW’s ‘Supernatural’ Squeezes in Conservative Bashing Between Frights

Star Jones Plays Race Card Against GOP

Jamie Foxx Joins Other Celebrities To Demand End To Gun Violence

Michael Moore: Americans’ desire to own guns stems from racial fears

Comedy Central’s ‘Burn’ Host Jokes He’s Glad Charlton Heston Is Dead

Ben Affleck meets with John Kerry amid rumors of Senate run

Steven Spielberg Calls Chris Christie a ‘Hero’ for Embracing Obama During Campaign

CSI Actress: “One Can Only Hope” NRA Members Get Shot

Michael Moore Goes on Anti-American Twitter Rant After Sandy Hook: ‘We Began America [With] Genocide”

Matt Damon: ‘I Need To Pay More Taxes’

Fans of The Game Hurl Rape, Death Threats at Michelle Malkin

Sean Penn ‘Loves’ Chavez, Wishes Him ‘Great Strength’

Belafonte’s Advice to Obama: Imprison Opposition “Like a Third World Dictator” (Video)

Al Gore to Hollywood: Make More Green-Themed Movies

Wealthy filmmaker Michael Moore: Things got better when Reagan voters died

HBO Host Bill Maher Calls Iconic Singer a ‘Teabag Idiot’

Foxx Jokes: ‘Great’ to ‘Kill All The White People’ in New Film

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