Budget, Economy and The Free Market

December 2012

This Prediction From the CBO Shows How Wrong They Were About The U.S.’ Economic Future

‘Milk Cliff’ Could Make Prices $8 Per Gallon

The 10 Worst Regulations of 2012

EPA costs US economy $353 billion per year

Coming Next: The Social Security Cliff

Businesses brace for minimum wage hike in 10 states

GREATEST HITS 2012: Obama State Department set to cede oil-rich Alaska islands to Russia

Soaking the rich, Obamacare style

Merry Christmas: a (partial) list of Obamacare taxes, fees

More Young Americans Homeless Under Obama

New tax increases in California stir debate about adding to exodus

Obama releases economy-killing EPA agenda

Fiscal cliff crisis caused by Democrat policies

Obama’s Regulatory Cliff Is The Bigger Problem

Nearly 90,000 Apply For Disability, December Record

House Passes Sequester Replacement With Entitlement Cuts

Unemployment Claims Rise 17,000 Despite Holiday ‘Hiring’ Season

New study confirms economy was destroyed by Democrat policies

Debt Limit: What Does It Mean to Raise It? (VIDEO)

New report raises concerns about implementation of Dodd-Frank

CA Tax Revenues Continue to Drop Despite Voter-Approved Tax Increases

Sen. Rand Paul: Obama Will Get What He Wants, Taxes Are Going Up

New UN climate ploy: Institutionalize payments for still-unspecified ‘loss and  damage’

Obama Admin Sells 200 Million Shares Of GM Back To Company For $27.50 Share, Taxpayers Lose $25.50 Per Share

Hope And Change: America Falls Out Of Top 10 Most Prosperous Countries For First Time

Feds look other way as wind farms kill birds — but haul oil and gas firms to  court

Report: U.S. Gov’t Owes $5.5 Trillion to Foreign Entities

Is Obama Taking America ‘Forward’ Into The Failed  Past?

USDA’s Stimulus Jobs Data Plagued by Inaccuracies

The Obama Tax Plan: Undercutting Economic Growth

Next generation won’t inherit the American dream

Obamacare’s tooth tax takes effect on January 1

Obama’s Mortgage Modification Program A Colossal Flop

Profiles in Tax Hikes: A Florida Nurse’s Tax Changes in 2013

Cavuto Cuts Off Dem Rep Who Refuses To Cite Any Cuts To Budget

Weekly Job Hours Drop Below 30

Dems draw red line on raising Medicare age, complicating talks

Deficit hit $172B in November, with US on path for fifth straight year topping  $1 trillion

18 Democratic senators revolt against Harry Reid on Obamacare tax

California Moves To Texas (And Arizona And  Nevada)

Poll: Federal Government is Broken and spending must be dramatically cut

The Budget Deficit Grew How Much Last Month?

Senator Exposes Waste In USDA Food Stamp Program

Small business optimism plunges, forecasting dire economic conditions ahead

The Death Tax: A Family Business Story (VIDEO)

Public Must Face True Cost Of Unreliable  Renewables

526,421 family farms threatened by new death tax

Taxing The Rich More Will Backfire On The Middle  Class

Obama Recovery: Median Household Wealth Down Dramatically, Top 1% Up 71%

‘Welfare Nation’: The Sad Truth

College students learn of Obama’s secret Pell Grant cuts

Confidence in America plunges after Obama elected

Unemployment Rate Drop Due to Workers Leaving Labor Force

73% of Jobs Created in Last Five Months Government Jobs

Obama’s Dirty Little Tax Secret: He’s Already Raised Taxes on the Rich (CHART)

The Welfare Spending Chart You Won’t Want to See

Deal or no deal, ObamaCare taxes poised to hit next month

Fed. Gov’t Already Has $292 Billion Deficit For Fiscal Year 2013

-Food stamp use reaches another record high

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