American Culture

December 2012

Same-sex couples wed in Maine as gay marriage law goes into effect

Obama hails Kwanzaa holiday, so why not Easter?

Chaplain Axed From Luxury Car Plant Just Before Christmas to Avoid Offending Non-Christian Workers

Philadelphia installing condom dispensers in high schools to combat teen STDs

Russia’s  Pravda Declares “Communism Won in America with Obama; US Suffering Has Only  Begun”

Conservatives Should Not Surrender

Un-hitching the middle class

Obama’s Predatory Food Stamp Program Targets Seniors

DOE: School Suspensions of Boys, Blacks, Disabled May Violate Civil Rights Laws

Michele Bachmann says Obama wants to ‘lift up the Islamists’ and allow Sharia law in America

Man Hires Illegal Aliens To Vote For Obama In The 2012 Election

CAIR-Michigan Goes After the U.S. Constitution

‘Queen James Bible’: Now There’s a Gay-Friendly Version of Scripture

GOP senator slams USDA for not answering questions on policies contributing to  record food stamp use

Overcriminalization: Jail Time for Charging a Cell Phone, Drying Clothes

Paradise Lost: CA to Provide Free Cell Phones for Homeless

College to student group: No selling Christmas trees, only ‘holiday’ trees

NYT: Conservatives May Have a Point About Welfare Dependency

Libs Outraged Nebraska Students To Be Taught … (Gasp) … “American Exceptionalism”

Homosexual Marriages Begin in Washington State

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