Public Enemy #8: Al Sharpton and the NAACP

As I’ve noted before, Democrats fought for slavery, invented the Klan, resisted Republican attempts to integrate the schools and have always hated black people. But eventually, they learned that they gain more by re-enslaving blacks, through dependence-creating nanny state handouts and endless race-baiting hysteria.

Now, blinded by the steady flow of scraps from the master’s table, 95% of black voters mindlessly root for those who hate their guts, keep them in poverty and have spent the last fifty years exploiting them for power…while poisoning them with racial paranoia, anti-white bigotry and an entitled sense of victimhood.

Aside from creating a permanent herd of cattle for leftists to manipulate and take advantage of, the effects of this incredibly sleazy agenda (by design) have been to:

-hijack the national dialogue with bogus racial diversions at every turn (to protect Democrats from a debate they admittedly cannot win on fair terms), making it “racist” for anyone to disagree with any Democrat, on anything, ever.

-devastate the economy: The left’s Affirmative Action lending policies are what destroyed the housing market and imploded the economy, paving the way for even more illegal nanny state intrusions and interference.

-elect black racists like Obama, who act like Hitler.

-encourage the media’s partisan scandal-mongering of total noncontroversies into heinous travesties of racial injustice (which they do while regularly burying examples of actual, black-on-white horror shows).

trap blacks in failing public schools run by unions that provide Democrats with taxpayer-funded campaign contributions…while Republicans fight to rescue them through school choice.

-illegally explode the size and scope of government: Due to racist preferential hiring policies put in place by Democrats, the Federal Government hires a wildly disproportionate amount of blacks, who then join government unions and can pretty much never be fired, thereby forcing truckloads of taxpayer dollars into Democrat campaign coffers…so blacks then support all things big government (screw the Constitution).

It goes on and on…and on. And the greatest casualty in all of this is the Constitution, which gets thrown under the bus at every turn to cater to the unreasonable tantrums of bigoted, self-serving parasites like Al Sharpton and anti-white hate groups like the NAACP.

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