Top 10 Worst Liberal RINOs

10) Rep. Dave Reichert (WA) (weak on immigration, voted for increased ‘stimulus’ spending, the bailouts, ‘Cash for Clunkers,’ ‘hate crime’ legislation, Minimum Wage increase, voted to force ‘green’ public schools, to increase funding for federal involvement in education, for SCHIP, and for taxpayer-funded handouts to black and Hispanic colleges)

9) Rep. Jim Gerlach (PA) (pro-homosexual, soft on crime, voted for ‘Cash for Clunkers,’ ‘hate crime’ legislation and increased ‘stimulus’ spending, voted to force ‘green’ public schools, for increased federal education spending and SCHIP, voted for nationalized drivers’ licenses, to extend unemployment checks and for the Minimum Wage increase, mixed record on taxes, abortion and Affirmative Action)

8) Rep. Chris Smith (NJ) (anti-gun global warming fanatic with strong union ties who opposes drilling and voted for increased ‘stimulus’ spending, the bailouts, ‘Cash for Clunkers,’ for SCHIP, to force ‘green’ public schools, to extend unemployment checks, increase the Minimum Wage and for increased federal spending on education, mixed voting record on Affirmative Action, immigration, taxes, anti-death penalty)

7) Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ) (anti-gun, pro-homosexual, voted for ‘stimulus’ funding, the bailouts, to fund abortion overseas, to extend unemployment, to increase the Minimum Wage, for ‘hate crime’ legislation, for SCHIP, for increased spending on federal involvement in education, voted against drilling, for raising CAFE standards, for radical environmental policies, including the Kyoto treaty, pushed Bush impeachment over ‘lying‘ about Iraq, mixed record on Affirmative Action taxes and immigration)

6) Rep. Steve LaTourette (OH) (pro-amnesty, voted for ‘stimulus’ spending, the bailouts, extending unemployment checks, increases in the Minimum Wage, and to protect racist preferential treatment for minorities in academia, voted against drug tests for federal employees, to protect Eric Holder from contempt charges and to give out taxpayer-funded needles to drug addicts, voted to force “green” public schools, to increase federal spending on education, to protect NPR funding, and on ‘Cash for Clunkers,’ and for SCHIP, mixed record on unions, taxes…also viciously lashed out at conservatives as ‘knuckle-draggers’ for wanting government to live within its means, rather than increasing taxes)

5) Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK) (voted to federally fund abortion, voted for bailouts, ‘stimulus’ spending, supports No Child Left Behind, voted to give herself a pay raise, opposed voter ID, voted to continue funding sanctuary cities, openly hostile to the Tea Party movement, helped force open homosexuality into the military, voted for extreme ‘hate crime’ legislation, for SCHIP, mixed record on taxes, free market issues)

4) Sen. Susan Collins (ME) (anti-drilling environmentalist who voted to defend partial-birth abortion, gay marriage, to help Democrats shut down conservative judicial appointees, to give herself a pay raise, to continue federal funding for declared sanctuary cities, to give welfare checks to illegal immigrants, protect lawsuits against gun makers, to force open homosexuality into the military, against voter ID, panders to women and minorities, voted for Obama’s partisan ‘stimulus’ program, for ‘Cash for Clunkers,’ for speech-trampling campaign finance laws, for Minimum Wage increase, to confirm Obama’s environmental extremist, gender bigot and anti-gun Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, for SCHIP, opposes death penalty, supports radical ‘hate crime’ legislation, mixed record on education and taxes)

3) Sen. John McCain (AZ) (sponsored amnesty, opposed the Bush tax cuts, supported extreme global warming measures, voted to extend unemployment, for Minimum Wage increase, pushed criminal trials for foreign terrorists, supported stem-cell research on aborted fetuses, attacked speech rights with McCain-Feingold, voted to give Social Security to illegal immigrants, rejected drilling in Alaska, opposed ban on gay marriage, publicly trashed Christians, tried to be John Kerry’s running mate in 2004, mixed record on abortion, Affirmative Action, education)

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2) Sen. Mark Kirk (IL) (openly pro-abortion, anti-gun, anti-drilling environmental fanatic with pro-gay, feminist, NAACP record, voted to give himself a pay raise, to increase ‘stimulus’ spending, for extreme ‘hate crime’ legislation, ‘Cash for Clunkers,’ to force ‘green’ schools, for SCHIP, for extending unemployment, for Minimum Wage increase)

1) Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC) (voted for amnesty, to continue funding sanctuary cities, to give Social Security to illegal immigrants, voted for the bank bailouts, ‘stimulus’ spending, to extend unemployment, for Minimum Wage increase, voted to confirm Obama’s racist, anti-gun gender fanatic, Sonia Sotomayor, to the Supreme Court, confirmed other far left judges and was instrumental in confirming pro-abortion, pro-gay, anti-gun extremist Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, proposed speech-trampling measures to criminalize Koran-burning, helped Democrats block conservative judges, co-sponsored economy-killing global warming legislation, surrendered on tax increases in 21012, backed Democrat against Rand Paul for wanting to cut foreign aid to Islamic extremists, assured Democrats that the Tea Party would ‘die out,’ and used every opportunity to trash and blame them for everything, tried to nationalize IDs, engineered a total surrender to Democrats on the winning conservative issue of exploring for American energy supplies, right before a major election, smeared conservatives as unreasonable purists for rejecting radical Marxist Dede Scozzafava)

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