The 14th Amendment

Those at war with the Constitution (liberals) try to use the 14th Amendment to justify uprooting and reversing everything the Founders put in place, erroneously arguing that it was intended to apply all the Constitution’s restrictions on the Federal Government to the states.

This outright fabrication serves the left’s purposes well because it pretends to legitimize un-elected, unaccountable federal judges (who liberals rely on to work around the will of The People) shoving, for instance, tyrannical Atheist agendas down the throats of the states.

As with virtually everything liberals claim about the Constitution, nothing in the text of the 14th Amendment or the debates surrounding its ratification mentions or even implies anything like what they are claiming.

In fact, the Blaine Amendment of 1875, which sought to apply the 1st Amendment restrictions imposed on the Federal Government to the states, proves this beyond debate…as it was proposed (repeatedly) after the 14th Amendment was ratified.

Why would this amendment need to be proposed again and again (and voted down with disgust and outrage every time) if it were already a matter of law?

As usual, what the left is arguing here is a blatant and deliberate misinterpretation of the Constitution designed to destroy state sovereignty, concentrate power into the hands of the few in Washington and strip us of our God-given right to self-rule.

Additionally, the 14th Amendment also does not imply birthright citizenship, as liberals lyingly insist. Designed to guarantee citizenship to freed slaves, it requires that an individual be born in the U.S. and that they be “subject to the jurisdiction” of this country.

In other words, foreigners who happen to be born here are not U.S. citizens. The courts, the text and even the proponents of the 14th Amendment themselves are all on the record admitting that there is no such thing as birthright citizenship granted by the 14th Amendment (see here and here)…but some unaccountable federal judge eventually just decided otherwise, so down the memory hole it all goes.

The 14th Amendment is a complete bastardization of the Constitution (which created a severely limited Federal Government that was supposed to leave 95% of the power at the state and local levels), and it was illegally “ratified” at the tip of a bayonet, through open corruption and coercion. But all it does is require states to offer equal protection and due process to all their citizens. That’s it. Everything else liberals are trying to attach and assign to it is a flat-out lie.

The Myth of Birthright Citizenship

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