Why Not Rely on the Political Process (Ballots Before Bullets)?

Republicans have forgotten that they only win elections when they abandon the time-disproven Ford-Dole-McCain approach of “reaching across the aisle” and pretending to be Democrats on nearly every issue. They have forgotten that even liberal states like California vote with conservatives on everything from gay marriage to illegal immigration.

They have forgotten that this is an overwhelmingly right-of-center country that has only elected two other Democrat presidents in the last 35 years: Carter, who was the only other candidate after Watergate, and Clinton, a Southerner who pretended to be a conservative.

They have forgotten that this country unites behind Republicans when they run as unapologetically conservative candidates, as with Reagan and Bush Sr. (until Bush Sr. revealed that he wasn’t really a conservative, by raising taxes…at which point they promptly ditched him for what they thought was a moderate Democrat).

Americans don’t want to compromise with liberalism. They want it defeated.

But Republicans have allowed themselves to be convinced that advocating for limited government that lives within its means and only does what it is actually authorized to do under the Constitution is “extreme” and would make them unelectable. They think they need to “get things done” and perpetually expand the role of government. They see principled conservatives as unsophisticated novices who should be hidden from view in embarrassment.

They are too busy begging for scraps from the left’s table to consider the winning strategy of actually fighting back and taking the kind of bold, extreme measures that are now required to save the republic. For instance, when Democrats forced through their illegal, economy-killing health care takeover, Republicans responded by offering up a different way to run it (‘Repeal and Replace’), rather than simply uprooting the blatant attack on the Constitution altogether.

This is always the way with Republicans. Don’t take a stand. Don’t actually fight back. Just offer something slightly less horrible than what Democrats have introduced—something that leaves the problem in place, the Federal Government’s foot in the door and the conservative movement with a knife in its back.

Republicans have refused to pay the price of liberty (eternal vigilance) for so long that they have painted themselves into a corner, unable to question or challenge the endless, unsustainable handouts liberals have forced through for decades to bankrupt us into oblivion and lure a free and independent people into nanny state dependence and class resentment.

To object would be to kick the crutch out from under granny and commit political suicide. This is why you confront federal scams for power when they are proposed, rather than groveling at the feet of those who hate your guts and are at war with your country with compromise and appeasement for decades until they have officially secured the demise of you and everything you stand for.

The Republican Party has been so thoroughly corrupted and compromised by leftist RINOs at this point that it has effectively become the moderate wing of a one-party socialist system, with a very narrow minority of actual conservatives remaining on its fringes, representing the American people on the issues. Elections have become a choice between destroying America at 55 MPH under Republicans, or at 155 MPH under Democrats.

Additionally, with leftists from both parties borrowing and printing off money out of thin air, by the trillions, and our economy teetering on the brink of collapse from endless government attacks on the free market…and with treasonous left-wing propagandists controlling virtually the entire flow of information in this country (the news media, academia and Hollywood)…there is no hope to be found in relying on this utterly broken political system to save the republic.

We are in checkmate and must cut our losses, abandoning this thoroughly rigged system and waiting for it to self-implode.

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