Why Militias?

When Injustice Becomes the Law, Rebellion Becomes the Only Answer

The American people are under attack. Corrupt federal tyrants in Washington are relentlessly bankrupting the country, crippling the economy and tearing the Constitution to shreds, all while telling us to sit down, shut up and take what we are given. They have illegally nationalized all the power in this country away from the individual and made the voice of The People completely irrelevant, in open defiance of everything the Founders put in place.

There is no greater example of this than their blatantly illegal health care takeover, in which the American people spent nearly a year straight screaming from the rooftops in every way they could (all the polls, town halls, huge upset elections in Virginia, Massachusetts and New Jersey, etc.) that they did not want Obama’s economy-killing, trillion-dollar attack on the free market…only to watch Congress publicly bribe and blackmail their own super-majority into shoving it down our throats anyway.

That’s called, “taxation without representation.”

We are no longer a representative government. Those who are supposed to be taking their orders from us have betrayed their oaths, hijacked the republic and seized power for themselves. They have broken their end of the agreement in every imaginable way at this point, and our Founding Fathers would be storming Washington, D.C. right now with torches and pitchforks, dragging these treasonous tyrants out into the streets and having them shot.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, when government becomes adversarial to the interests of The People, it becomes both the right and the responsibility of The People to rise up and “alter or abolish” that government. We are in charge. All governmental legitimacy flows through us. Government does nothing that we do not authorize it to do.

The Federal Government has declared war on the American people, and we are left with no choice but to prepare for a massive public uprising to defend our families, our liberties and our Constitution against Marxist tyranny and oppression.

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