Key Guidelines for Running a Militia

Our first main advantage is that we are decentralized. There is no hierarchy or center of operations beyond the local level, so we are scattered, divided and leaderless. Our people cannot be conquered and oppressed if there is an armed, independently-operated militia in every county, town and neighborhood.

In a breakdown of civil society (riots, looting, no food, utilities or communications, etc.), there is no government. It becomes literally impossible for the police and federal agencies to track, fight or control a such a large population, across a landmass this vast. Governance will automatically be deferred to whoever is best armed and most prepared. And that’s where the opportunity presents itself for militias to seize control.

Our second advantage is that we don’t break the law. This keeps government from having any legitimate excuse to interfere with our affairs and largely neutralizes the threat of federal infiltration. They will still infiltrate every militia they can, but if all you reveal to them is perfectly legal networking between law-abiding citizens, they will have no basis for forcing action.

Just keep anyone you haven’t known for a decade or so at arm’s length. And there is no safe way to break the law, so don’t.

We also avoid inviting government scrutiny into our affairs by refusing to involve race. We are oath-keeping patriots looking to defend our liberties, protect our families and restore our Constitution. Race is irrelevant to this mission and its involvement merely undermines its credibility with the The People.

Public support is absolutely essential to our success. The liberties of the American people are the entire basis of our legitimacy, and their backing is a priceless commodity that should aggressively sought out and cultivated. This is a core teaching of legendary military strategist Sun Tzu (the History Channel’s breakdown of his masterwork, ‘The Art of War,’ should be a required study for all militia members).

Consider the decision of the Viet Cong to massacre anyone and everyone perceived as an obstacle to Communist power in the wake of the Tet Offensive, turning the citizenry against them, leading to persistent disruptions in their supply lines, communications, and turning a brilliantly designed military campaign into a potentially catastrophic defeat.

The backing of The People is everything, and great pains should be taken to establish and maintain good relations. Reclusive or intimidating behavior can be toxic, leading to suspicion and distrust. Calculated efforts should be made to serve the community and reach out—particularly to young people—on liberty and on the Constitution.

Young people are critical because they are more physically fit, and because it is mostly the older generation that fully sees what is going on in this country. Youths are often pampered, complacent and oblivious to the struggle for liberty, or even indoctrinated against it. Older people can still pull triggers, but militias require more than that.

Young members should be sought out.

All recruits, young and old, should immediately be put to work scouting and gathering intelligence on the community. Instruct them to think in terms of a full-scale breakdown of civil society. Who in the neighborhood has weapons, strategically-located land or a critical skill? Where might one gain access to medical supplies or prescription drugs in such a crisis?

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