Gun Rights

Enemies of the Constitution (liberals) often cling to this jaw-droppingly dishonest myth that the 2nd Amendment merely protects the right of States to maintain militias, rather than the right of individuals to privately bear arms. Here’s how to stop this provably false nonsense dead in its tracks:

1) Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution already provides for the existence of such militias. There would be no reason for the 2nd Amendment to even exist if this were correct.

2) The entire Bill of Rights goes out of its way to specify “The People” when talking about the rights of the individual and “The States” when talking about the rights of state governments.

For the left’s outrageously false talking point on this to be correct, the 2nd Amendment would have to be the one case in which the use of “The People” (‘the right of The People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed’) was intended to mean the OPPOSITE of what it means in EVERY SINGLE OTHER PLACE in the Bill of Rights, and vice-versa.

3) The term “well-regulated militia” comes from the fact that we spent most of the Revolution fighting the most advanced military on Earth with un-trained farmers who were looked down on by all. It was included to emphasize that mere gun ownership is not enough. Training is essential to ensure that private militias can resist tyranny.

George Washington even made it a requirement at one point that every citizen own a firearm.

4) The Federalist Papers, and every other record of anything and everything the Founders said about gun rights annihilates any doubt whatsoever that they could have EVER meant that only government was to keep and bear arms.

These people were revolutionaries, who openly supported armed revolution against any government that became adversarial to the rights and interests of The People. On what planet would such men want the citizenry to have no weapons?!?

Liberals lie through their teeth at every turn to undermine the Constitution. Don’t let them get away with it, even for a second.

The purpose of gun rights is to resist tyranny and even a child can understand it, just not liberals

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