David and Goliath: How Militias Can Defeat Federal Tyranny

The First Step to Defeating Babylon is to Let Babylon Defeat Itself

Imagine you are standing in formation on a battlefield awaiting the command to engage the other side as both armies stare each other down from maximum range. What’s the worst possible thing an individual in this situation could do?

The problem with Timothy McVeigh wasn’t that he correctly identified the Federal Government as the enemy of the American people. It’s that he broke ranks and charged across the battlefield alone, flailing and foaming at the mouth, as the other army gunned him down in unison.

McVeigh emotionally lashed out, with zero regard for strategy, pointlessly slaughtering hundreds of innocent people who had nothing to do with Ruby Ridge or Waco, just because they happened to be in a federal building. This senselessly isolated him as some kind of lunatic monster, uniting the country against him and enabling a whole new round of federal intrusions and smear campaigns against conservative speech.

Similarly, the problem with Joe Stack wasn’t that he took issue with the IRS for mercilessly, illegally destroying people’s lives on a regular basis…it’s that he responded by randomly flying a plane into an IRS building. And the problem with Jared Lee Loughner wasn’t that he rose up against a corrupt Washington parasite. It’s that he did it by going on an aimless, Kamikaze killing spree that turned an unprincipled sellout like Senator Gabrielle Giffords into a martyr.

Upheaval comes with the territory of representing a free people (tyranny is neat and orderly, liberty is messy and chaotic), and is ultimately a good thing. But upheaval without direction or purpose is worse than doing nothing at all. These actions were all desperate, irrational and needlessly self-defeating.

There is a better way.

The Federal Government is now even borrowing and printing off hundreds of billions of dollars more from China just to pay off the interest on the loans it has already taken out. We are committing fiscal suicide and the situation is already beyond repair. There will be rampant hyper-inflation, drastic entitlement cuts, crushing tax hikes and even more crippling government attacks on the free market.

Don’t worry. The implosion is coming.

Meanwhile, we are severely technologically outmatched, out-manned and out-resourced…but only as long as the system remains intact. Once there is a breakdown of civil society, there will be too many moving parts for government to maintain control. There will be no single fixed target for them to attack. No standing army to annihilate. Just anarchy in the streets of every major city.

And that will be our moment to take action. The dependent, nanny-state welfare recipients of the left will be killing each other in the city streets while self-reliant, thinking adults (conservatives) in the rural areas will have all the food and guns. Once federal technology and leftist parasites are out of the way, patriots will be all that is left standing…and that is when we will move in and seize control.

But the key is to have an armed, supplied, fully-trained and organized network of militias in place all over the country, ready to strike at any time, until then. We must be lawful and purely defensive in the mean time.

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