Public Enemy #9: Occupy Wall Street

The polar opposite of the Tea Party movement (which advocates free markets, fiscal sanity and following the Constitution), Occupy Wall Street is a violent, lawlessboughtandpaid-for leftist rent-a-mob of Marxist parasites demanding that other people pay their bills.

They actively spread the infection of nanny state dependence, class resentment and the pampered sense of entitlement that is uprooting our founding principles (limited government) while destroying the economy and compromising everything this country stands for. They refuse to lift a finger for their own station in life and indignantly insist that everyone else carry them on their backs.

These racist, utterly uninformed degenerates riot in the streets against job-creators for daring to succeed and make money, based solely on the easily-debunked partisan lies spoon-fed to them by corrupt leftist politicians, celebrities and “journalists” who then turn around and embrace their orchestrated temper tantrums as “spontaneous” and even “patriotic.”

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