Public Enemy #5: The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has spent the last century tearing the Constitution to shreds, brazenly hijacking the republic and shoving federal tyranny down our throats at every turn, by stealing blatantly illegal powers for itself and arbitrarily ruling on high as an unelected, unaccountable panel of dictators overturning democratically-enacted state laws and issuing edicts to the rest of us on every aspect of our lives.

Let’s review:

Alexander Hamilton is on the record insisting that the judiciary would always be the “weakest” branch of the Federal Government, with the least capacity to “injure and annoy” our rights, because it was only given the authority to preside over individual “cases and controversies,” not to invent rights, determine policy or impose taxes, as it now so routinely and openly does, with impunity.

In fact, the Founders intended federal judges to be so peripheral to the decision-making in this country that they even went so far as to give Congress full control over the kinds of cases federal courts can even hear…which, citing the fraudulent, invented power of “judicial review,” Supreme Court Justices now just freely disregard with zero consequences, even when they’ve been directly ordered by Congress not to interfere with certain laws (like the Defense of Marriage Act).

“Judicial review” does not exist. It cannot be found or even implied anywhere in the Constitution. It is a myth; it’s a fabrication of the left aimed at working around voters and forcing through their wildly unpopular Marxist agenda against an unwilling public.

Under the Constitution, the correct way for the Supreme Court to have handled a case such as Obamacare, for instance, would be to refuse to even hear the case on the basis that there is no constitutional way to rule on a case involving a law that is completely unconstitutional…not to overturn the law, and certainly not to legitimize the illegal takeover by spinelessly redefining it as a tax and baselessly declaring that Congress now gets to do anything it pleases.

Again, as I noted when the Supreme Court stabbed this country in the back and illegally validated the most obscenely treasonous and tyrannical assault on the Constitution in decades:

New York and Virginia originally refused to sign the Constitution, because they were convinced this new Federal Government we were creating would eventually abuse its power and trample their rights.

The Bill of Rights was drafted expressly to reassure them that their sovereignty would never be violated. It is a protection of the States and The People vs. the Federal Government.

The 10th Amendment was even added just to make absolutely sure that there was zero ambiguity. It verifies even further that the Constitution is a strict, narrow enumeration of federal powers, and that anything not specifically spelled out in it as a federal power is a power that does not exist, and that must be deferred back to the States, where the individual has maximum control over his own affairs and community.

Much like the European Union, the Federal Government was originally supposed to be an alliance between sovereign states, not a governing body ruling over them. It was only ever supposed to handle things like border control, interstate disputes, dealings with foreign governments, etc. Pretty much everything else was to be handled at the state level.

The Supreme Court has been instrumental in illegally nationalizing all the power in this country away from the individual and into the hands of the few in Washington. It has become an openly hostile enemy to the rights and liberties of the American people, and its war on the Constitution cannot be allowed to stand.

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