Public Enemy #4 Labor Unions

Unions once served a purpose, back when basic workers’ rights didn’t exist, but federal law now covers everything they were created to accomplish, and they no longer do anything but to destroy jobs, shred the Constitution and screw over the working families they pretend to represent.

In addition to making seniority more important than performance, making it nearly impossible to fire lazy, incompetent workers and greedily bankrupting companies (and taxpayers)into oblivion with outrageous demands and appalling abuses of power (see GM, Hostess, etc.), labor unions utterly cripple the economy, endlessly corrupt the political system and blackmail, bribe their way into obscene amounts of power, at everyone else’s expense. They also trample Constitution and violate the basic human rights of workers at every turn, by harassing, intimidating and assaulting anyone who gets in their way, forcing through government-mandated union membership (which includes weekly membership fees), and routinely trying to obliterate voting rights.

Unions are an instrument of tyranny and a scourge on humanity. They need to be openly confronted, stripped of their sweeping, blatantly illegal power and influence and dismantled as criminal enterprises.

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