Public Enemy #6 George Soros and Media Matters

One of the left’s many human shields (a sympathetic figure no one can criticize, held up to silence debates that Democrats can’t win on fair terms) who liberals turned into a hero (Jesse MacBeth) for stabbing our troops in the back and trashing them as murderers, turned out to have been lying from the beginning about having even been in Iraq, about having gotten a purple heart, about having been a ranger…everything.

A caller then contacted Rush Limbaugh’s show to express his disgust with how the media blindly reported everything this lying anti-U.S. propagandist said as fact (for months, zero questions asked), and he questioned why they never bother to ask real soldiers about the war.

Limbaugh cut in and finished the caller’s sentence at one point, referring to the continuous parade of liberal anti-war frauds being exposed as “phony soldiers,” at which point Media Matters promptly rushed in pretending to have caught Limbaugh attacking any soldier who doesn’t support the war as a “phony soldier.”

The media repeated the blatant lie for weeks and weeks (‘journalists’ now routinely get their ‘facts’ from such flagrantly partisan sites, and have even been caught reading from them live on the air), glazing over any attempt to point out what a non-controversy this vindictive partisan witch hunt was based on, until everyone just accepted that Rush Limbaugh was this ugly, dishonest partisan hack trying to exploit the war for a partisan vendetta.

Screw the truth, Democrats have elections to win.

Media Matters wildly distorted the facts, manipulated the media and did everything they could to personally destroy a private citizen…for the crime of questioning yet another sleazy leftist attempt to undermine America and aid our enemies in a time of war.

They even pretended to further set the record straight when Limbaugh called them out for their appallingly dishonest tactics, and to this day, Media Matters continues to “update” us on this fraudulent, made-up scandal, still treating it as a settled matter of record that their own vicious partisan smear campaign is further evidence that their “fact-checking” services are urgently needed.

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