Public Enemy #6 George Soros and Media Matters

Media Matters is a discredited partisan propaganda mill funded by foreign billionaire Marxist subversive George Soros–a man who has made a career out of manufacturing devastating economic crises for personal gain and forcing fanatical socialist causes down the throats of world governments.

This scandalously corrupt organization is particularly dangerous because it delivers mass-produced, spoon-fed talking points to journalists, elected officials and liberal activists on every conceivable issue, giving them a pre-packaged (usually laughably erroneous) “counterpoint” to any conservative argument, convincing them that they can perpetually avoid having to think, read or actually defend any of the left’s inane, easily-debunked, emotional blather.

Constantly inventing partisan scandals, launching bogus smear campaigns and pretending to “set the record straight” against anyone who gets in the way of Democrat power, they create this entirely separate alternate reality for liberals in which Democrats have been proven right on everything, and anyone to the right of Karl Marx is Adolf Hitler.

Made enormously powerful by McCain-Feingold (again, RINOs are the problem), which left the ultra-wealthy elites who primarily fund the Democratic Party (contrary to everything we’re told) nowhere to put their money but into these insultingly fake “non-partisan,” tax exempt groups (of which Media Matters is the most dominant), the effects of their non-stop barrage of DNC misinformation are crippling to the national dialogue.

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